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RUTH AMOS SCOOPS NOAW AWARDS Inspirational young entrepreneur, Ruth Amos has won two awards in the National Network of Aspiring Women Awards, at the inspiring, glitzy event attended by 250 guests at Villa Park Birmingham last Friday. Ruth was the overall winner and also winner of the Young Entrepreneur award. She was presented with the coveted awards by Jo Cameron, founder of the Network of Aspiring Women and Alison Plant – Head of Hospitality and Events, Aston Villa. Ruth said that she was absolutely thrilled and delighted to have won, she directed her thanks to her family for their support and also to the team at Room54 who nominated her for the award. 21 year old Managing Director Ruth Amos has seen the steady growth of her StairSteady brand, which started with a GCSE project to enable her teacher’s ailing father to use the stairs confidently, to becoming a household name. Ruth beat off stiff competition from some of the UK’s leading women. Jo Cameron said “I extend my congratulations to Ruth in what has been a super year of nominations. Over 200 applied this year which is superb”. In her inspiring keynote address on the day, Jo Cameron outlined why women are key to building the economies of the future and why women’s style of leadership is perfectly suited to steering the resurgence. Jo Cameron said “Ruth was selected as the overall winner because she stood out above everyone else. What the judges liked about Ruth was the way she breaks all stereotypes, her award winning pedigree but mostly about the way that she is so determined to share her lessons with others too. Being an entrepreneur can be a tough life but she had a vision and didn’t stop until she achieved it; making a difference to people’s lives in the process. Simply brilliant.” “The Network of Aspiring Women is all about inspiring women to go further with their ambitions. Ruth is a prime example of what we stand for.” “Ruth is such a brilliant example of someone who had an idea and turned it into something real. A invaluable trait for anyone thinking of setting up in business.” In 2012 the Annual Awards event will move to the evening and a conference will follow the next day. The Annual Awards hosted by the Network of Aspiring Women was organised to celebrate the successes of women nationally. The event itself is all about helping women connect to do business together and inspire them to go higher in their chosen profession. Each winner received free coaching, discounted membership of the network plus prizes and giveaways too. Ruth is available for motivational and inspirational talks: • Making your voice heard as a young entrepreneur • The responsibility of a youthful rising business star • Being a teenage engineer, manufacturer and designer • Bringing a product to market – patent and design hurdles • Female entrepreneurship Social awareness in modern manufacture

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Motivational speaker, former Olympic athlete and world record holder Sally Gunnell and now a TV commentator. Sally was captain of the British women’s team and won Gold for the 400 metre hurdles as well as a Bronze medal with her team members in the relay. She became world champion and world record holder for the 400 metre hurdles the following year too. Unfortunately, a recurrent leg injury curtailed her athletic career and ambitions at the 1996 Olympics.

Sally is now highly praised as a speaker. One client told Sally: ‘Your talk had a tremendous effect on all the delegates who attended our conference. You have inspired them to focus on their objectives and persist until they win. Thank you!’

Jane Hamilton


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Congratulations to Sabirul who has just been named a 2010 JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World (JCI TOYP) recipient in the category of business, economics and/or entrepreneurial accomplishment.

Sabirul who grew up in the borough of Tower Hamlets set up his first business aged just 14. His vision to succeed led him to become a part time trader at 16 and a bestselling author at 17, having sold 42,500 copies of his first book titled ‘The World at Your Feet’ in a space of nine months. His passion to inspire and motivate young people across the UK, with the message that ordinary individuals do have the talent to become extraordinary led him to speak at over 600 events in a space of 3 years. At 18, Sabirul launched his business board game titled; Teen-Trepreneur, Strike as the Next Tycoon, which now teaches BTEC Business and is used as part of the academic learning.

Brilliant news!!!!!

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It is said that humans go through a “loss curve” at times of immense change and everyone reacts differently. That’s why businesses and individuals facing change situations must manage expectations carefully. This is what John McCarthy had to do every day in tiny prison cells at the mercy of cruel jailers with cruel tactics when he was incarcerated for 1,943 days in dreadful prison conditions.

As a business speaker John builds into his presentations details of his experiences in prison. He also explains why freedom wasn’t much better at first. He tells why encounters with the media and public were challenging and why being released from jail made him feel a prisoner of a different kind. Taking charge of his situation and having a goal was essential.

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On Saturday 28th August 2010 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, Jim broke the British No Limits freediving record with a dive to 101 metres and became the deepest British diver ever – the first to dive deeper than 100 metres.

Congratulations Jim – fantastic!!

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We are thrilled that we are now be working with motivational speaker David Gustave. David is of mixed Irish and St. Lucian heritage and raised in a mostly white working-class neighbourhood in London where he was forced to confront racism in the form of verbal and physical abuse. He found his fists to be most effective in dealing with these confrontations. He left school at 16 and spent the next 15 years finding a range of ways – some illegal ones – to earn a living. At the age of 30 he decided to return to education and eventually won a place at Oxford. After leaving Oxford he won a scholarship from the Middle Temple to pursue a career at the Bar.

David is now working with young people from the streets of South London, trying to affect personal and educational change amongst the disaffected and vulnerable young people. This quote from David sums him up: “The greatest thing you can do with your life is to be an inspiration to others. To help them do the things they thought were just beyond their grasp. Your parents, favorite teachers, your best friends lift you in this way. That takes courage – but in turn transforms your life with fun and adventure, passion and commitment. None of us is as strong as all of us.”

Jane Hamilton

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Good luck to business and motivational speaker Jim Lawless as over the past nine months he has been training to make an attempt on the British “No Limits” freediving record to raise money for the children’s medical research charity Sparks. “No Limits” is the freediving discipline featured in the movie “The Big Blue”.

His target is a 101metres dive on a single breath of air. The dive should take about 3 minutes from leaving the surface of the sea to returning. If he is successful this would be the deepest dive by a British freediver and the first British dive to break the magic 100m mark.

Non one new to challenges in 2003 Jim took a £1 bet that he would become a a jockey and ride in his first televised race within 12 months. It was a good challenge as he was 3 stone too heavy to be a jockey and couldn’t ride a horse.

He won his bet on 22 November 2004 riding in the 12.00 at Southwell. On becoming a jockey Jim says “it took many years, but at last I have found a place where being short is an advantage.”

Great challenge Jim

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